IBS Holding You Back? Make Travel Easy with These Tips!

IBS Holding You Back? Make Travel Easy with These Tips!

Most of us have succumbed to the inconvenience and embarrassment of traveler’s diarrhea before, but if you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, we understand that travelling is a whole other ball game. The symptoms can be overwhelming, to the point where travel becomes anxiety-inducing and often, something to avoid altogether.

Does this sound like your mind at the thought of travelling with IBS?

  • I won’t know where the toilets are
  • I won’t know how far it will be between toilets
  • I might be uncomfortable from bloating and holding in gas
  • I’m worried people can tell I have IBS
  • I don’t want to be embarrassed in public bathrooms

That’s totally understandable, but at Aquinelle, we’re problem-solvers. That’s why we want to encourage you to travel and enjoy greater freedom. Here are our best tips for you:

Avoid trigger foods

Research your pit stops and your destination for the types of food that will be available. You might be able to avoid your trigger foods and the subsequent flare-ups altogether with some simple planning.

But, if you’re going overseas, you might have to approach it differently. Learn to ask in the local language if a meal contains your trigger food, or whether it can be made without it.

Look for clean bathrooms

A public toilet experience is less than enjoyable for most IBS sufferers, but choosing a bathroom that is clean can take away some of the anxiety. Looking for the larger, newer gas stations on a road trip is often a good idea. So is choosing the bathroom of a nice café when you’re travelling around town. A word to the wise: scope out the toilet situation before you sit down to eat.

Take it easy

Stress can be one of the biggest triggers for IBS symptoms. Don’t add more stress by having every minute of your day booked in or setting timelines that will be difficult to keep to.

The same goes for mealtimes. Make sure you don’t have to rush off after eating so that digestion can take its course. It will also give you a bit of space in case you need to make an unexpected bathroom break after your meal.

Stick to your normal routine

Having IBS can be draining. Be sure you’re getting enough sleep and help your body stay at ease by sticking to the same schedule as much as possible.

Wear comfortable clothing

The last thing you need when you’re at risk of bloating is restrictive clothing. Avoid tight waistbands to make you more comfortable when you eat or sit for long periods of time. Wearing clothes that are easy to remove will help you a great deal if you have any bathroom emergencies.

Take your IBS travel pack

Whether you call it a travel pack, or an emergency kit, this is your golden ticket to staying as comfortable as possible while travelling with IBS. Here’s what to pack:

  • Gas-relief medication
  • Pain relief medication
  • Water
  • Peppermints
  • Probiotics
  • Spare toilet paper
  • Spare underwear
  • Liquid hand sanitizer
  • Aquinelle toilet tissue mist

Why should Aquinelle toilet tissue mist make your travel kit?

Comfort, hygiene and privacy – how does that sound to you? Forget about those environmentally UNfriendly flushable wipes and make going to the toilet more comfortable with Aquinelle toilet paper spray.

There’s no fear of being found out when you use Aquinelle – not only will you be squeaky clean and smelling fresh with every bathroom break, but it also acts as a toilet spray. A spritz into the toilet bowl can help keep unwanted odors at bay, and no one will be any the wiser of what’s going on in your stall.

Aquinelle toilet paper spray is also available in a handy travel size. But, you don’t have to be worried about someone spotting it in your bag – its attractive packaging means its purpose isn’t obvious to onlookers.

Want to know more about the personal benefits of using Aquinelle toilet tissue mist? Check out this post on health and hygiene. And remember, Wetter is Better!

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