Aquinelle - Toilet Tissue Mist

Still using dry toilet tissue? Moisture is essential for a wonderfully clean experience. Simply spray our soothing mist onto your toilet tissue and feel the difference.

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Travel Size

Ocean Breeze - 2 Pack

Ocean Breeze - 2 Pack

TROPICAL APPLE + GREEN ORCHID (3.25 ounce per bottle)
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Rainforest - 2 Pack

Rainforest - 2 Pack

CEDAR + GREEN JASMINE (3.25 ounce per bottle)
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Travel Size - 4 Pack

Travel Size - 4 Pack

OCEAN BREEZE + RAINFOREST (3.25 ounce per bottle)
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  • Aquinelle replaces your flushable wipes, which don't break down like toilet tissue (recent reports show wipes are clogging
    our systems)
  • Aquinelle refreshingly transforms the toilet tissue into a wipe with 1 powerful spray!
  • Smells amazing!
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Safe for kids
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fashionable packaging looks attractive in bathrooms
  • Various sizes available including 8 oz bottle, 3 oz Travel size bottle and four 3 oz travel gift pack
  • Lasts longer: largest flushable wipes on the market = 168 wipes, Aquinelle has 300 sprays for the same retail!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have ever wondered about the many uses of Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist, wonder no more. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist and its many cleaning, freshening, and sanitizing applications in the bathroom:

If you think about toilet paper, what comes to mind? Itís dry. Very dry. And that dryness is not useful in getting completely clean after youíve done your business in the bathroom. The fact is that most of the world uses wet methods for cleaning up the rear end after making. With that in mind, all you need to do is put a little spritz of Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist on your paper and you have a way to add some wet, and extra cleaning power and freshness, to your wipe. Plus, Aquinelle is dermatologist-tested and approved.  Using Aquinelle doesnít add any harsh chemicals to the wiping process. Note: If you are already using wet wipes, consider the switch to toilet paper and Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist. Itís completely ecological and biodegradable, as opposed to the plastic-based wet wipes that are clogging up our sewers and polluting our seas.

The side benefit of Aquinelle Toilet Mist is that it comes in 6 sweet scents (Island Mist, Citrus Burst, Coco Beach, Pink Grapefruit, Ocean Breeze, Rainforest and Pink Grapefruit). So while you are freshening up down there, you are also adding a fresh scent to the room. No more doubling up with room freshener, or frantically running the water and soaping up in a guest bathroom to make sure that youíve covered your smelly tracks. Just a couple of pumps on the TP to wipe your rear and a couple of spritzes in the air to leave a clean scent, and you can be certain that youíve left no odor behind.

Do you stress about going No. 2 when you are at work, travelling, or at a friendís house? You definitely arenít alone. Itís a major source of anxiety for a good deal of the population. With much of the world waiting to get home to make, we have a much simpler solution. Just carry along one of our travel size toilet tissue mist bottles. Itís small enough to fit in your purse or computer bag, and you can eliminate without worrying that you are leaving behind an odor that will bring you embarrassment and humiliation. Whether you are using the airplane lavatory, workplace stall, or guest bathroom, just pull out your travel-size Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist and spritz away. No one will be the wiser that you had to do your business.

When you have to go No. 2, do you wipe and wipe and wipe, and check several times to make sure that youíve completely cleaned your behind? Most of us do, but the fact is that most of us donít get everything. That means that we are walking around with some of the leftovers still on us, and thatís just not hygienic. Plus, when you are wiping excessively, you run the risk of getting fecal matter on your hands and under your nails, which is a big health no-no and hard to get rid of no matter how well you wash up and sanitize after doing your business. Itís much more sanitary to mist a bit of toilet paper with Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist, and get the job done right the first time. Not only are you cleaner, you are also healthier.

Yes, Aquinelle's ingredients are formulated for moisturizing with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.

Simply spray Aquinelle onto your preferred toilet tissue and proceed as usual.

Yes, Aquinelle works with any toilet tissue, but it performs best with premium, multi-ply toilet tissue.

Aquinelle is not for consumption and only for external use only.

One 8 oz bottle should last for over 300 sprays, while the 3 oz travel size should last for 100 sprays.

Right now Aquinelle is available only online, but we're coming to a retail location near you very soon.

Your order should arrive 3 - 5 business days from the date of purchase. If you're outside the United States, please allow for longer arrival times.


  • Is this company still in business? There is nothing on the home page stating it is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, and no one answers the phone number to place orders.
  • Why is the 8.25 oz bottle of rainforest not available anywhere.........?.??
  • What a shame to see this company raising the prices during the pandemic. There was a shortage BPE (before the pandemic era) and it has worsened,Only the parent company has any and the price has been raised.
    Shame on you !!!
  • Breaks my heart to throw out bottles and pumps with each order. The pumps are usually not recyclable. Would love earth friendly refill containers. Love seeing companies take advantage of the world reboot weíve experienced during the stay-in, and practicing sustaining models going forward. This would also make the smaller bottles more tolerable if we could just refill them. Thanks so much for considering this.
  • I'll second the motion for the company to offer this in a large size (maybe 32 oz) refill bottle made out of a biodegradable or #1 recyclable plastic, If the price remains the same I will not purchase. I will come up with my own formula made from inexpensive , off the shelf products. People are purchasing this product for environmental purposes. The company should respond in kind.
  • I'll add my comments about the 8.25 oz bottles not being available. Some price gouging seems to be going on as far as buying the smaller bottles from Amazon. I purchased 18 bottles of the 8.25 oz size, which cost about $1.12 per ounce. This on 9/30/19. Currently the price for the 3.25 oz bottles comes out to $5.92 per ounce. The price has not doubled or tripled it is now a 5.29 or 529% price increase. Can anyone spell "Coronavirus?"
  • Missing the 8.25 oz size. The smaller is ok for travel but the big bottle is great for home use...Please bring it back.

    Let me know when the 8.25 oz size is back and I may buy again. Other size is too small.
  • Disappointed that i cant find the 8 ounce bottles. I see others have commented with no response. It leaves me to wonder if youre still in business. Im hoping so cuz i love the product. Please respond to your loyal customers!
  • I really like this product but you don't seem to have any larger bottles available. What up?
  • I love this product, but itís hard to find on Amazon. Are you guys still in business? I need this spray
  • I love this product in the Rain Forest fragrance but am disappointed that it is never in stock in the 8oz size. We are on a septic system so this is much appreciated. Please get more Rain Forest 8oz. in stock soon. It is not cost effective to buy 2- 3.5oz bottles for more money.
  • I LOVE this product, but can not in good conscience buy it again until there is a refill size.
  • Love this stuff. Much better than the the wipes from the grocery store with all the chemicals in them that irritate you. Would love to have this formula in a wipe that could be carried in my purse or pocket.
  • This stuff is fantastic! 100% better than allegedly flushable wipes!
  • Aquinelle easily fits right in my purse and looks classy, like a cosmetic product, so there's no embarrassment factor. I've been waiting a long, long time for Aquinelle
  • I feel so squeaky clean
    after using Aquinelle, I absolutely love it! And all their different scents are great too. Why didn't someone think
    of this before???
  • My kids love it, they demand it and it's a whole lot easier than carrying around wet wipes. Of course it's also a big plus for me that Aquinelle is dermatologist-tested.
  • Wow. This stuff is awesome.
    I feel million times more refreshed. I'm never using
    dry TP again.