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Wet wipes could take 100 years to break down: Products contain plastic that is 'virtually indestructible'

11-07-2016 By: Victoria Allen, Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail
  • The wipes are popular for removing make-up and cleaning homes
  • Plastic in wipes means, if flushed down the toilet, they threaten marine life
  • As with microbeads found in scrubs, it is feared these plastic remnants will enter the human food chain through seafood

New York Post: 'Flushable' wet wipes could be banned from NYC stores


A proposal that could ban the sale of most “flushable” sanitary wipes in New York City stores is set to be heard by the City Council next week.

The bill would also prohibit labeling the wipes as flushable unless they’ve passed a test approved by the city Department of Environmental Protection.



Eco-Friendly Cleanup

Go green with this alternative to flushable wipes. Simply spray a little Aquinelle (which contains soothing ingredients, including aloe vera and witch hazel) on dry toilet paper and presto, it's ready to use. The travel size fits easily in a purse and works great on sticky hands too.

The Best Way to Clean Your Ass

12-04-2015 By: Men's Health (online)

Do you know how to wipe your butt?

It seems like a silly question, since you’ve likely been wiping your butt longer than you’ve been able to write your own name. But if we’re all doing it the right way, then why are skidmarks a common occurrence?

If you’ve had an embarrassing incident with skidmarks, even once in a rare while, it’s time to take a closer look at your butt-wiping technique.

Dr. Joel Krachman, MD, the Chief of Gastroenterology for New Jersey-based AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, says there aren’t any hard and fast rules when it comes to wiping—except that you probably shouldn’t do it hard and fast.

Up or down, paper folded or bunched, all the methods offer the same effectiveness.

8 Ways to Upgrade Your Pooping Routine

01-22-2016 By: Women's Health (online)
No wipes? No problem. Aquinelle transforms even the most basic two-ply paper into a luxuriously clean experience for your bum. Seriously–the TP spray comes in a variety of spa-worthy scents, like Ocean Breeze and Island Mist.

Toilet Fresh!! *PRODUCT REVIEW*

11-19-2015 By: You Don’t Look Sick

 If you're anything like me, IBD can make you feel unclean and a little less than fresh after a trip to the toilet. Plus to top it off, you can really make yourself sore by the constant wiping when trying to make sure you're clean.

So I tend to carry with me a packet of wet toilet wipes. They're a little embarrassing to carry - for starters they say 'toilet training wipes' on the front of the pack so if anyone does see them, it looks like I have a severe issue of incontencance or some form of inability to use a loo! Plus they're quite bulky (so no little girlie bags!) and the seal doesn't always seal! So therefore they dry out, but not before wetting whatever else I happen to have in my bag.

Into the Mist-ic

11-16-2015 By:

Consumers who have come to love wet wipes now have a substitute that is better for the environment and the fresher way to go, according to independent personal care brand Aquinelle. Its new Toilet Tissue Mist ($4.99-$19.99) is said to transform ordinary toilet paper with one spritz into a refreshing cleanser. 
The concept for Aquinelle came about nearly two years ago when Joe Kassin, the company’s founder and CEO, had one too many clogged drainpipes. As a father of seven and grandfather of four, he experienced many incidents of wipes backing up his house’s plumbing system. A business man and entrepreneur at heart, Kassin began to experiment in his bathroom with different solutions for this problem. His bathroom began to look more like a science lab but it was here that Kassin came up with the idea for Aquinelle.

Essence Magazine


'Aquinelle' Turns Toilet Tissue into Scented Body Wipes with Just One Spray

10-28-2015 By: TrendHunter
This scented spray turns toilet paper tissues into body wipes in a convenient instant, providing people with immediate cleanliness and moisturization anywhere.

While wet wipes can often just be thought of for babies and children, the market is seeing a change and more of a social acceptance in adult body wipes. For instance, 'Dude Wipes,' the body wipes specifically marketed for men, were recently supported by the Shark Tank business leaders. 

Aquinelle: The Toilet Tissue Spray

10-27-2015 By: BeautySnob

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv lately and one thing that took me a while to get used to is that over there seemingly everyone uses wet wipes (to clean multiple body parts…) and toothpicks on a regular basis – even at fancy restaurants. When I asked a close friend about it she told me that growing up her mother always told her, “you’ll never get everything without a wet wipe.” Well…she’s not wrong! And it seems the US is catching on. Just recently, I was watching Shark Tank and a new line called Dude Wipes got an investment from Mark Cuban. Aquinelle is a new line created in the same vein; it’s a toilet tissue spray, a.k.a. the frugal version of wet wipes. Full-size bottles (8.25 oz) are $9.99 and travel-size bottles (3.25 oz) are $4.99. They come in a few scents (Ocean Breeze, Rainforest, Citrus Burst, and Island Mist) and contain aloe vera and witch hazel to sooth your backside

Favorite Beauty Products September 2015

10-05-2015 By: Posh Beauty Blog
Traveling throughout the month of September, I was most asked about my Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist since I took my travel-sized bottle of it with me wherever I stayed. It’s an eco-friendly and money saving alternative to flushable wipes. FYI, flushable wipes don’t break down easily and over time can cause clogging and severe damage to sewer systems.  Aquinelle transforms ordinary toilet paper into a cleanser with just one spritz. Aquinelle is available in four amazing scents including Citrus Burst, Island Mist, Ocean Breeze and Rainforest. Aquinelle comes in full-size bottles and travel size bottles. It’s made in the USA, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and safe for the whole family to use.

9 Products That Adults and Kids Will Both Love

10-04-2015 By: Retail Me Not's Blog

Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist in Citrus Burst ($10) at Amazon

Why parents need it: Big kids often don’t wipe thoroughly enough, but they think they’re too grown up to use wipes.

Why kids will love it: It smells great, it’s easy to use, and it doesn’t feel as if it’s for babies.

Savings tip: One pump on a wad of toilet paper is all you need. The bottle will last for ages, and toilet paper is much cheaper than wipes.

NYFW SS16 Essentials Packing List

09-11-2015 By: I Am Aniesia

Aquinelle Tissue Mist: This product has changed my entire life! When I found travel sizes for this product my heart leaped for joy. I promise you, you will NEVER go back to wet wipes or dry toilet tissue again. With one spritz your tissue will be transformed into a refreshing cleanser.  During NYFW, I promise you Charmin’ will not await you when you go to the restrooms! Take this instead

Fall getaway gadgets

09-10-2015 By: PIX 11 Morning News

The Northeast is a beautiful this time of year: with the leaves falling, it attracts tourists traveling from all over the country to see the leaves change color and coat the dewy grass. Well with travel, comes long car rides, airplanes, buses, and trains.

Being a homegrown Boston boy, entertainment and lifestyle expert Josh McBride has put together a list of the travel must haves for this busy time of the year from favorite destinations to the latest travel gadgets to great ways to get away.

-Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist- (transforms toilet tissue paper into moist wipe-better for environment since flushable wipes clog pipes)

NYFW Essentials Survival Guide For Travel, Beauty, & More!

09-09-2015 By: PopWrapped

Aquinelle Tissue Mist: This product has changed my entire life! When I found travel sizes for this product my heart leaped for joy. I promise you, you will NEVER go back to wet wipes or dry toilet tissue again. With one spritz your tissue will be transformed into a refreshing cleanser.  During NYFW, I promise you Charmin will not await you when you go to the restrooms! Take this instead

Cosmetics & Toiletries



08-31-2015 By: Ev Curl Gurl
Here is a product that I love and have been dying to share with you: Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist - the eco-friendly alternative to wipes. The ones I have shown above, are the travel sized bottles (3.25 fl oz - $4.99) and believe me that once you try Aquinelle, you will never go back to wet wipes or worse: regular dry toilet paper... (no way!) I'll let you in on a little secret, but don't tell anyone:
I cannot go to the bathroom without washing EVERY TIME (even if it means taking a cup with me into the stall when necessary - it's a must!) As soon as reps for the brand sent me these amazing personal mists, I was hooked. Aquinell is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and safe to use by the entire family!

An eco-friendly alternative to tushie wipes (yes, tushie wipes)

08-31-2015 By: Insider Beauty Buzz
Anyone who’s ever been to my house probably notices that I have a container of wet wipes in every one of my bathrooms. They aren’t baby wipes, they’re flushable tush wipes and there’s a reason (actually there are two). First, my six-year-old son likes to change things up, and he uses a different bathroom for his daily #2 each day—and us moms know how woefully inept children are at wiping themselves, if they even do it themselves. The second reason is I have IBS, and I’ll leave it at that. (If this subject matter is making you uncomfortable, feel free to stop reading and come back tomorrow.)
I never thought there was an alternative to the ginormous boxes of wipes that I’ve been buying at Costco forever—but there is. It’s called Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist and it basically turns your regular toilet paper into a refreshing wipe. At first I was concerned that the scented sprays might burn or sting a tender tush but they only the slightest bit fragranced so it’s almost like using straight water (although this mist also features soothing aloe vera and vitamin E).