Brainstorm in the Bathroom

Mom always said you need some moisture on your toilet paper when doing your Bathroom Business. And that's the way we all grew up. Hygiene was always very important in the daily lives of our whole family.


Founder Joe Kassin came up with the idea for Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist about two years ago looking for a better way to be personally clean at bathroom breaks and frustrated with the backed-up plumbing system in his house do to the so called flushable wipes.

Joe an entrepreneur at heart, and advocate for healthy living and a healthy environment took on the challenge of solving this problem. His research revealed that wipes have been causing widespread damage to city sewer systems and environment all over the globe, costing cities millions of dollars a year. Joe made it his mission to come up with a more satisfying eco-friendly solution that would be pleasant and easy to use and would be cost-effective, too.

Armed with the knowledge, Wet cleans better than dry.  Joe began to experiment at home with different products - cleansers, antiseptics, moisturizing agents, and soothing, healthy botanicals - dabbing and spritzing on folded toilet paper.  Joe felt the bathroom experience could be enhanced with light scents inspired by nature and exotic places. The result would help people feel better and smell fresh and clean.  Within a month his home and bathroom began to resemble a small laboratory!

And so, Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist was born in Joe's bathroom, and he can add the title of "inventor" to his list of accomplishments. Having spent twenty years as the President of an apparel import and sourcing company Overseas Direct Imports. Together with his 2 partners and brothers David and Michael they knew they had the solid business experience necessary to bring this new product to market. Aquinelle toilet tissue mist, Dermatologist Tested Hypoallergenic and proudly made in the USA.  

We are particularly pleased that with Aquinelle we can offer people a much better alternative to wipes. It's a real game changer in the personal care products arena, and benefits not only the user, but our environment as well, and as we like to  say in the Aquinelle office " Wetter is Better"