Leaving a Sweet Nothing When Making Something

Leaving a Sweet Nothing When Making Something

You are a refined woman. You love the better things in life; good food, good books, good culture. You practice good grooming, decorate with self-confidence and dress with elegance. So do not leave that unfriendly odor after undertaking your activity in the bathroom.

Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist ensures you not to leave unpleasant smell even if you are chilling at home or out galavanting, this is how to ensure you smell good all the time, even after you have gone:

1) Interview Etiquette:

You have landed a big job interview, but getting there requires taking a subway and a train. You arrive early, hoping to primp in the bathroom first, only to learn that the one restroom is located right smack in the middle of cramped offices. You step gingerly into the bathroom, feeling all eyes on you. You turn on the water faucet to keep your possible future co-workers from hearing you, but how do you keep them from smelling you? Thank goodness you thought to pack your Pink Grapefruit travel size Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist. You can go into that interview holding your head up high, knowing you are well wiped and have left a fresh scent in your wake.

2) Close Quarters:                

You have booked a romantic cruise with a tall, dark, handsome man, and being the proper lady that you are, your suites are adjoining. The only problem is that the room that adjoins you is a shared bathroom. Not only do you not want to know the depth of his manly smells at this early stage in the courtship game, you also do not want to expose him to any of your odors that are less than ladylike. This is one area where you do want to get fresh both on the rear and in the air.

3) Lunch:

You have been waiting for long to get a reservation, and you can't wait to sample the fare. Between courses, your girlfriend and you excuse yourselves to freshen up. Unfortunately you need to heed the call of nature as well. While your friend waits to relieve herself, you are sitting in the stall sweating bullets, trying to figure out how to eliminate the odor, while also keeping up a steady stream of nervous girl talk. A nice wet wipe, a few well-timed squirts and you are leaving the stall as fresh as you found it.

4) You have Got Company:

Your old school pal is in for the weekend, and she's yelling over how beautifully you have decorated your one bedroom apartment, and how kind you are to sleep on the sofa and give up your one bed for her, and how she does not mind at all sharing the one bathroom. Good thing, you have stocked it with a full-size bottle of Coco Beach Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist, so that no embarrassing scents are left behind by either party and everyone is freshly wiped. That is way to keep your dignity.

5) Guest Room:

As a guest in any home, you want to create a good impression. It has all been going splendidly. The hosts love the lemon meringue pie that you made just for this occasion. The espresso is served, and the conversation is so scintillating. Suddenly, you have to go. You excuse yourself delicately and scurry to the guest bathroom. With relief, you unburden yourself, but notice you have also unburdened yourself of a most unpleasant scent. Good thing you've got your travel size Island Mist Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist with you. First, you wet your wipe for a fresh, clean finish. Then you spritz the bathroom for a fresh, sweet scent. You flick on the fan as you sweep back to the party, and no one is wise.

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