Clean means healthy: Important of keeping your rear clean

Clean means healthy: Important of keeping your rear clean

Nature has armed us quite well with a smooth skin; tender parts are only covered with hair to shield them from insects, dust, and dirt. It worked very well until the instant when clothes were invented. We do not need hair anymore as these days panties provide our buttocks defense against external threats. But it is still available, obstructing our efforts to stay clean; that results to an unpleasant smell and this could be a reason for an itching, chafing, and irritation.

We must note to keep all our intimate parts clean during the day, whether we are on the road, at home, or in the office, when we talk of the importance of keeping intimate hygiene. Many people are not doing it right. Poor hygiene can be a reason for the discomfort and irritation, up to the inflammation; moreover, it causes odors. It is truly important to have all means of intimate attention and care on the hand in anywhere you are.

Simple steps of keeping yourself clean and healthy

Ensure you guard yourself with purchasing a good toilet paper. Use a thicker paper which is delicate and soft to maintain a true hygienic care. Using a tough paper hurt you. Kindly do yourself a favor and practice using a worthy quality product. Give your butt a gentle care and pamper it. It should be wiped properly. You do not have to rush in this part. Everything should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid the smell. Intimate hygiene is important for your health and helps you to feel good: appropriate wipe keeps away bacteria, which provokes inflammation. This is specifically significant for women who want to maintain a well-adjusted environment of their intimate parts.

Wash it. Supply of water is too costly. In addition, how many times do you have to wash every time you use a toilet? And yet it is an issue for situations when you use public facilities. Imagine you are in your working place or in the airport, what can you do?  You should be having your personal pocket bidet. The benefit of it is that you will feel perfumed, disinfected, clean and shiny because you select six perfect variants:  Coco Beach, Island Mist, Rain Forest Ocean, Pink Grapefruit and Breeze Citrus Burst. In the morning or at the end of the day you will take a shower of course, but you must wash every time to feel fresh and ensure good health during the day.

  Naked skin or short hair is much easier to wash with your Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist. Waxing or shaving, maybe too extreme for your everyday life but before you travel, think about it. When your skin is free of hair it will be much easier to keep yourself clean.

Hygiene is a first way to maintain your health together with fitness and healthy eating. Intimate hygiene is a great mean to help you to feel yourself confidently and to protect your skin. Wash your tender parts every time you use them, and get a nice bonus - smell nice, sweet like Citrus Burst, Coco Beach, Ocean Breeze fresh like or Pink Grapefruit. To be clean is to be healthy.

Toilet Tissue Mist eliminates bad bathroom odors

The benefit of Aquinelle Toilet Mist is that it comes in 6 sweet scents: Pink Grapefruit, Rain Forest, Ocean Breeze, Coco Beach, Citrus Burst and Island Mist. So while you are freshening up down there, you are also adding a fresh scent to the room. No more doubling up with room freshener, or desperately running the water and soaping up in a guest bathroom to make sure that you’ve covered your smelly tracks. Just a couple of pumps on the tissue paper to wipe your rear and a couple of spritzes in the air to leave a clean scent, and you are certain that you’ve left no odor behind.

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