Clean means healthy: Why is it important to keep your rear clean

Nature has equipped us quite nicely with a smooth skin; only tender parts covered with hair to protect them from dirt, dust, and insects. It was working very well till the very moment when we invented clothes. Nowadays panties are giving our buttocks protection against external threats, and we don’t need hair any more. But it is still there, hampering our efforts to stay clean; that leads to an unpleasant smell, and, what is way more important, this can be a reason for an irritation, chafing, and itching.

When we talk about the importance of maintaining intimate hygiene, we must remember to keep all our intimate parts clean during the day, no matter where we are: at home, in the office, or on the road. Some people aren't doing it right. Lack of hygiene could be a reason for the irritation and discomfort, up to the inflammation; besides, it also causes odors. It is really significant to have all means of intimate care on the hand wherever you are. 

It is very simple to keep yourself really clean and healthy. Just follow few simple steps.

  1. Make sure you take care of yourself with buying a good toilet paper. To maintain a right hygienic care, use a soft and delicate, but thick paper. Did you know that with using a tough paper you can hurt yourself? Please give yourself a favor and use a good quality product. Pamper your butt, give it a gentle care.
  2. Wipe it good. Please no rush in this part. To avoid the smell we need to clean everything thoroughly. Intimate hygiene helps you to feel good and is important for your health: proper wipe keeps away bacteria, which can provoke inflammation. This is especially important for women who need to maintain a balanced environment of their intimate parts.
  3. Wash it. Of course, here it would be better to give you a bidet advice, but sorry – who has it nowadays? Water supply is too expensive. Plus, how much time would you need to wash every time you used a toilet? And of course, it is an issue for situations when you use public facilities. Imagine you are in the airport or in your working place, what should you do? Have your personal pocket bidet with you, of course. Wet your toilet paper with Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist and wash your tender part, clean all that wiping can’t. You don’t need to have wet wipes with you, just take the bottle of Aquinelle and spritz on the toilet paper. Profit – you feel shiny, clean, disinfected and even perfumed, as you can choose out of six wonderful variants:  Pink Grapefruit, Ocean Breeze, Citrus Burst, Island Mist, Rain Forest, and Coco Beach. Of course, at the end of the day or in the morning you will take a shower, but for ensuring good health and to feel fresh during the day you must wash every time.
  4. Cut your hair. Yes, that hair. Trim it regularly and bacteria will have fewer chances to survive, and the odor will decrease significantly.  Some people like their skin smooth and naked and wax or shave the hair. This is also a great hygienic decision, especially if you prefer tight panties: the tighter is your underwear, the more chances to grow bacteria get. Short hair or naked skin are much easier to wash with your Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist. Well, maybe shaving or waxing is too extreme for your everyday life, but seriously, think about it before traveling. Keep yourself clean will be much easier when your skin is free of hair.

Together with healthy eating and fitness, hygiene is a first way to maintain your health. Intimate hygiene is a great mean to protect your skin and to help you to feel yourself confidently. Wash your tender parts every time you use them, and get a nice bonus - smell good, sweet like Coco Beach  or Pink Grapefruit, fresh like Ocean Breeze or Citrus Burst,  or maybe romantic like Island Mist or Rain Forest. Such a simple decision as having Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist in your pocket will make you feel yourself much better. Being clean means being healthy.

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