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Leaving a Sweet Nothing When Making Something

You are a refined woman. You love the better things in life; good food, good books, good culture. You practice good grooming, decorate with self-confidence and dress with elegance. So do not leave that unfriendly odor after undertaking your activity in the bathroom.

Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist ensures you not to leave unpleasant smell even if you are chilling at home or out galavanting, this is how to ensure you smell good all the time, even after you have gone

Clean means healthy: Important of keeping your rear clean

Nature has armed us quite well with a smooth skin; tender parts are only covered with hair to shield them from insects, dust, and dirt. It worked very well until the instant when clothes were invented. We do not need hair anymore as these days panties provide our buttocks defense against external threats. But it is still available, obstructing our efforts to stay clean; that results to an unpleasant smell and this could be a reason for an itching, chafing, and irritation.

We must note to keep all our intimate parts clean during the day, whether we are on the road, at home, or in the office, when we talk of the importance of keeping intimate hygiene. Many people are not doing it right. Poor hygiene can be a reason for the discomfort and irritation, up to the inflammation; moreover, it causes odors. It is truly important to have all means of intimate attention and care on the hand in anywhere you are.

New Year, New Bathroom – It’s Time to Get Green!
We’ve shared some tips before about changing your bathroom fixtures in order to have less impact on the environment. Now we want to show you some other meaningful ways you can green up your bathroom habits for a healthier, more eco-conscious start to the year. We share our favorite ideas with you here:
IBS Holding You Back? Make Travel Easy with These Tips!
Most of us have succumbed to the inconvenience and embarrassment of traveler’s diarrhea before, but if you suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, we understand that travelling is a whole other ball game. The symptoms can be overwhelming, to the point where travel becomes anxiety-inducing and often, something to avoid altogether.