Summertime... And The Entertaining Is Easy

Summertime... And The Entertaining Is Easy

Everybody loves a picnic! And now that warmer temps are settling in, it's time to reconsider your summertime entertaining options. If you're anything like us, getting a group together at a moment's notice for a backyard, rooftop, park or seaside gathering is a no brainer. And while nothing signals picnic more than red and white gingham, there are countless creative ways to add some flair to your next outdoor affair.

Whether you're planning a big kiddie party, a family gathering, backyard wedding, company team building event or a grownup cocktail party, the ideas for fun and festive al fresco decor and food ideas on a budget are endless. It's all about teamwork and making sure there are activities and enough food and drink to satisfy the crowd you're guaranteed to draw.

Setting The Table

If you'll be hosting at home or traveling to a friend or family member's place, keep the table service eclectic and ready for easy clean up by laying down Kraft paper that you can easily dispose of at the end of the event. It will save you laundry time and you won't be troubled about spills. Also don't worry if you have to pull out mismatched plates and use disposable cutlery – it's more festive and you'll be ready to accommodate any stragglers and unplanned for guests. Repurpose indoor furniture and create stations for drinks and food, too, so your guests will roam and mingle. Or set up seating areas for more in depth conversations. The whole idea of outdoor entertaining is to create space and enjoy the sheer joy of being out of doors among friends and loved ones.

For The Grownups

Heading to a picnic, beach party or potluck this weekend? Leave the potato salad or pie at home and show up with a big bag of ice and a pitcher of one of these summer cocktails. They're easy to pre-batch and are just as refreshing and crowd pleasing without the alcohol.

Cajun Lemonade: Celebrate the flavors of New Orleans with Pimm's Cup, Lemonade,
7-Up, a splash of Tabasco and a generous dose of rum or vodka.

Sangria: Combine rose wine with fresh seasonal fruit, lemon, lime, orange and a splash of Sprite or club soda for some festive fizz.

Sunset Punch: This one really packs a punch with a mix of bourbon, white vermouth, lemon juice, lemon slices and ginger beer. For a kid-friendly kick, try lemonade and ginger beer in place of the spirits.

Steamy Nights Call For Simple Fare

A summer party should be relaxed. Encourage your guests to lounge and linger and serve a simple menu of sparkling drinks and light bites that won't wilt or spoil in the heat. You can ask your guests to bring a favorite to share. After all, the idea of a gathering is to create community and keep prep and clean up time to a minimum.

Around The World

When gathering large office groups, international food themes are a great way to provide a connection for employees because they celebrate a variety of cultures and lend themselves well to ice-breaking games and activities. Local dollar stores often have fun, inexpensive decor and party favors to amp up the festive vibe. Some top choices for around-the-world menus are the Caribbean, Germany, Italy, Mexican fiesta, and Greek or Mediterranean flavors.

Keep The Critters Away

Circle your entertaining area with citronella candles or incense once night falls to keep biting pests at bay and ensure that the party can go on. And put out battery-operated candles or hand out glow sticks as party favors for after sunset ambience. These items can be packed into a picnic basket or beach bag as well for your on the road and more impromptu gatherings, too.

Sharing Restrooms

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