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How to Get Rid of Telltale Bathroom Odor

How to Get Rid of Telltale Bathroom Odor

If you live alone and never, ever leave your home, this article may not be for you. But if you are the average American male consuming the average American male diet, chances are good that at one time or another you are going to end up somewhere with that special someone and having to go, ummm, No. 2. Here are some of the worst bathroom odor embarrassments that we can think of and how you can avoid them by keeping an emergency supply of Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist on hand at all times.

1. Itís a Date

So youíve finally gotten the courage to ask the woman of your dreams out for a movie, but somewhere between the invitation and the pick-up, youíve developed a bad case of nerves. You barely get through the introductions before you can feel your bowels loosening from sheer stage fright. Now, youíre trapped in her smelly bathroom, wondering how you are going to get out of this one. First, be sure to try the old standby solution turning on the sink spigot and flushing after every splash. Next, pull out your travel size bottle of Ocean Breeze Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist. Feel free to go crazy--a little on your toilet tissue to freshen your rear and a few good pumps to clear the air. Youíll be out the door with the babe on your arm for good times in no time.

2. Dining In

Okay, so youíve gotten past the first few dates, and youíve decided to gamble on having your dream girl over to your home for dinner. Considering your recent reaction and the possibility of being in close quarters with hormones raging, youíve decided that you just canít trust your bowels to stand firm. Itís time to take the initiative and make sure your bathroom is ready to accommodate any emergency that you may have. First, stock the bathroom with a book of matches. If, in between appetizers and entrees, you have to make a toilet run, just light the match. While the sulfur technically doesnít eliminate bathroom odors, it does confuse the senses with itís sharp smell--so itís basically the same thing. Next, make sure you have your full size bottle of Rainforest Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist on hand to mist your toilet paper for a wet wipe and then give a couple of spritzes to bring a mix of cedar and jasmine scent to the air. Not only will she admire your thoughtfulness when she uses the restroom herself--she also will never know that you just dropped a major stink bomb in the loo.

3. Home for the Holidays

So it turns out that you have passed muster enough to be invited to her parentís home for a holiday dinner. How were you to know that you would suddenly become violently lactose-intolerant? Provided you can make that sprint from the dining table to their guest bathroom without having an accident or letting on how dire the situation really is, your next challenge is how you can remove the vile odor that you have now defiled their powder room with. First, rummage through the bathroom cabinet sink for liquid soap or any sort of cleanser and add to running water as you fill up the sink. Next, be sure to bring along your travel size Pink Grapefruit Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist and delicately scent the air with a citrus blend of grapefruit, pomegranate, and vanilla, right after you thoroughly clean and delicately scent your arse with a moistened piece of toilet paper. Trust us, they will never know.

4. Wedding Bells

You just canít believe your luck: Your dream girl has agreed to be the love of your life and join you for life. You are just about to walk down the aisle, when, uh-oh, you guessed it: You simply must take a dump immediately, if not sooner. Was it something you drank at the rehearsal dinner? Make sure you let the best man know that you donít have cold feet, just an immense need to hit the head. Bring along your travel size Coco Beach Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist with the sweet honeymoon scents of coconut, gardenia, and peach. A little mist on the toilet paper and a little mist in the air, and you can make sure that the only tale your groomsmen can tell is how you are one heckuva lucky guy.

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