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Clean means healthy: Why is it important to keep your rear clean

Nature has equipped us quite nicely with a smooth skin; only tender parts covered with hair to protect them from dirt, dust, and insects. It was working very well till the very moment when we invented clothes. Nowadays panties are giving our buttocks protection against external threats, and we donít need hair any more. But it is still there, hampering our efforts to stay clean; that leads to an unpleasant smell, and, what is way more important, this can be a reason for an irritation, chafing, and itching.

Turn Your Toilet Paper in Eco-Friendly Moist Wipes

Much of the world prefers to use water when wiping. In fact, the United States is one of the few countries on the planet that uses dry paper, and even here many are turning to alternatives such as baby wipes and wet wipes when using the bathroom. The problem is that many people are also flushing these wipes, which is a big environmental no-no. Wet wipes are made from plastic fibers that are completely non-biodegradable. As a result, they are clogging up sewers and killing sea animals. While it may appear to be convenient and tidy, the end result is not a pretty picture.