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Going in Strange Places
It appears to be the epidemic that no one talks about. Far and wide, men and women alike worry about what to do if they have to do their business while visiting a friend, at work, or in an airport bathroom. It’s so much of an epidemic that it’s causing an international constipation crisis. No one wants to be the person who noisily fouls the guest bathroom air, or is recognized by their shoes peeking out from under the smelly bathroom stall at the office. Here are some suggestions on how you can keep it clean and fresh while preserving your privacy and dignity when you have to go No. 2 away from home.

1. Turn on the Water AND the Fan

Whether it’s at a dinner party or movie night, the last thing you want to do is drop a big one in the guest bathroom, which often happens to be very inconveniently located next to the host’s kitchen. Even worse, your host may have neglected to equip the bathroom with air freshener, which could lead to all sorts of humiliation. As a first line of defense, always turn on the bathroom fan and water faucet immediately, so that the noise will cancel out any noise you may make while making and the smells are immediately exhausted.