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Set Up Your Bathroom for Good Hygiene and Cleanliness

Bathrooms can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, mildew and all-around unsanitary conditions, but it doesnít have to be that way. By establishing a few good bathroom practices and habits, you can turn your bathroom into a haven of health, hygiene, and cleanliness. Hereís how to get started:

  1. Ban the clutter: Bathrooms have a tendency to collect an array of products, crowding the sink counters, toilet tank top, shower shelves, and bathtub edges and making it difficult to clean properly. Give your products a good going over and purge what is old, unused, or in the way. You will find that by utilizing some clever storage techniques both in and out of the bathroom, you can eliminate 99% of what is sitting on your horizontal spaces, allowing you to actually clean and disinfect your bathroom properly.

How to Stay Fresh and Clean While Traveling

Travel brings with it a whole host of problems that you just don't deal with in everyday life, starting with the packing list and what to bring. But once you are on the road, with the disruption to routine, it's very easy for personal hygiene routines to go out the window as well. Here are some great ways to stay clean on the road:

  1. Make the bathroom your friend
    While there's no doubt that bathrooms on the road are widely ranging in quality and cleanliness, from cramped and littered airline toilets to grungy gas station stops that look like they haven't seen a good dose of disinfectant in a decade, donít let their dirt stop you. If you have to do any sort of serious, showerless washing up, it's a good plan to bring along a small travel bottle size of mild disinfectant. Add a tablespoon or two of vinegar to a travel bottle of water, and you have a nontoxic way to tidy up your bathroom space. This not only kills germs, it's also a good karmic way to pay it forward by making a practice of leaving a place better than you found it. Maybe you'll inspire others to do the same.