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The Eco-Friendly Bathroom Is Something To Smile About

When it comes to personal hygiene - especially relating to zones below the belt - who isn't inclined to a little potty humor every now and then? Growing up, my aunt had a copy of a colorful and crude book called Jokes For The John. Published in 1961, it was loaded with indelicate humor and Playboy-esque comics and came with a chain for hanging right next to your toilet.

We may have come a long way since the days of reading dirty jokes in the bathroom, but  the vintage-era charm of this memory comes from recollections of me and my siblings retreating to the bathroom more often than nature intended, simply to sneak a peek at the naughty illustrations.

Today's family bathroom is still a place of retreat, and more importantly it is becoming a place of cleaner, greener living. Here are some eco-friendly adjustments you can make in your bathrooms to improve your home's decor and reduce its impact on the environment.

Why It's Better to Have Misted Toilet Paper

Bathroom talk. It's a topic that's sure to evoke giggles and poking for anyone from age 2 on up. But all kidding aside, our toilet paper practices are really in the dark ages. If you walk down any grocery store aisle, you will see a what appears to be a wide range of options, from pillow soft to cardboard stiff, but really it all comes down to the same thing: dry toilet paper. And at the end of the day, dry doesn't really get the job done right.