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Bring Mindfulness to the Bathroom

Mindfulness is quite the catch-word these days, although the concept is nothing new. Based on Eastern meditation practices, it's a method for becoming present in the moment that is. Excessive worry and over-thinking can affect both mental and physical health, and the practice of mindfulness is a way to stop the fretting or "monkey mind", as it's known in yoga and meditation circles.

Modern Wipes: Dry TP is so 20th Century

Everything has an evolution, and toilet paper is no exception. You probably take the current incarnation of bathroom hygiene for granted, but it hasn't always been that way. In fact, you could say that there are many ways to wipe.

Using paper for cleaning the tush dates back to 6th-century China. A Chinese scholar actually penned some verse about it in 589 AD, saying, "Paper on which there are quotations or commentaries from the Five Classics or the names of sages, I dare not use for toilet purposes!"

Pack a "Green" Travel Kit

The buzz in going green these days is all about reducing your carbon footprint. While you may not be able to lower carbon emissions by backing out of that next business trip, you can certainly assist the planet in a more incremental way by packing an eco-friendly travel kit. It may not seem like much, but helping the environment is about the millions of small efforts that add up to a big difference. Here's how to pack your green travel kit:

How to Save the Planet One Flush at a Time

A friend who lives out in the country recently had a plumber out for a visit. Her septic tank kept backing up, and she couldn't figure out what the problem was. The plumber asked if anyone in the home used wet wipes in place of toilet paper, and her reply was that everyone did. That was the culprit, to her dismay, although the wipes clearly stated that they were flushable.

And she's not alone in her ignorance of wipes' impact. Seeking a more comfortable way to, well, wipe, the pre-moistened towelette has move from the baby nursery to the bathroom. Many homes have taken to stocking their bathroom with these wipes, without fully understanding the consequences to pipes, septic and sewage systems, and even the planet.